Be Your True-Self

I Make a Difference – a powerful collection of practical tools, approaches and processes that guide you to explore, reconnect to and be your true-self. 

The I Make a Difference resources and gifts provide structure, processes and ‘how to’s’ for you to grow your awareness and understanding of yourself and to assist you to consciously journey the unknown, sometimes overwhelming and glorious adventure back to who you truly are, your true-self.

The Process to Become
Your True-Self

1. Understand Your Past

Your Past

  • You had experiences that had impacts on you

  • You separated from your true-self and created and adopted new versions of yourself

2. Unravel Your Conditioned-Self 

You were conditioned:

  • With patterns of  thinking, beliefs, reactions and behaviors, which created repeated patterns of situations
  • To protect yourself from the others and your true self.
  • To suppress your emotions, what you feel, what is true to you, your truth, your potential, the voice of your true self (your knowing) and the amazing qualities that lie within you
  • To be and show your conditioned- self, rather than your true-self

3. Heal Your Hurt-Self

You were emotionally hurt (and possibly in other ways).

  • You were judged, rejected, abandoned and made wrong
  • Your self- worth was diluted and your self- belief eroded
  • You became vulnerable, as it was not OK to show who you truly were and what you truly felt, so you became needy to find emotional safety and security

4. Reclaim Your True-Self

Before you separated from your true-self you:

  • Trusted yourself
  • Listened to the voice of your soul and true self  – your knowing
  • Expressed the beautiful amazing qualities that are natural to you
  • Were free, spontaneous, curious, gentle, strong and adventurous

5. Be Your True-Self

Who you truly are – your true-self.

  • Your soul, the essence and the core of you
  • Where all the answers are, that are right for you
  • The uniqueness and potential that is you
  • All the amazing qualities that make you – you
  • Your jewel
  • Your light
  • Your true home
  • You

I Make a Difference Processes

The Truth About Your True-Self

The truth is there is a beautiful, unique, powerful, accepting, loving and free shining light and being within you that is you, the true you.

To truly reconnect and be your true self it is not a journey that requires an overnight bag with a change of clothes. It is an adventure that requires your willingness, resilience, commitment and action as you explore all the depths, breadths, crevices and parts of you where there is no light and where there is sunshine. Why?

You have emotions that require healing, truth you need to face within you, behaviors you need to look at, thoughts you need to unravel and faith and trust you need to reclaim so that you can get to know, respect, accept, value and be who you truly are.

In doing so you will feel things that are uncomfortable, face truths that you do not want to admit, experience vulnerability that feels like you are in quicksand and you may even want to throw in the towel and run away. At the same time, you will uncover beautiful parts of you, you have not been owning or forgot about. You will grow your belief and trust of you, you will identify and listen to your knowing (the voice of your soul) with great clarity. You will be more accepting of yourself, others and life, and discover that life is a process that you cannot control and you wont want to, because you trust how it unfolds. And you will do right by you and the right thing from a place of clarity, strength, love and care.

What does it require from you to be your true self?

Not just read a book about how to become your true self, or attend a course and say you know it and just pay lip service to your process. It requires you to get really real with yourself, face and admit what is really going on inside of you. For you to feel the emotions you experience and be in them and for you to put the tools and processes you know will help you, into action and live them.

You need to heal, unravel that which is not you, relearn about what is you, reconnect to, discover and uncover you - the true you.

I Make a Difference can guide you to do that.

When I designed the I Make a Difference process the reason I did so was for people to have processes, tools and ways they could make a real and sustainable difference to how they felt, what they thought, how they behaved, their interactions in their relationships and their life. And most importantly, so that they had the ability to self-facilitate their process and reconnect to who they truly are.

I Make a Difference and myself are here to support you on your adventure to reconnecting to your true self.  

Melinda Cates

The I Make a Difference Adventure

No matter what your age is, your gender, culture or background, life does not discriminate as to who will experience emotional, mental, physiological and energy craziness and mayhem. Processing that goes on inside of you that is confusing, overwhelming at times and can even leave you feeling quite desperate. This is the conditioned and hurt you. And you find yourself asking and even internally screaming "what is it that is happening to me?", "why am I experiencing this?" and "how do I stop the hurt?" and "how do I change the conditioning?
However there is also a jewel within you, a place that is filled with strength, gentleness, beauty, acceptance, simplicity, stillness and an abundance of love. This is you, the true you. You find you are curious and want to know who truly are, what is true and right for you, how to connect and listen to the answers you know you have inside of you and how to be you.

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