To truly be your true self – it requires you to face your truth, own what you have done and what has been done to you, unravel conditioned processing that is limiting you, heal the emotional, mental, energy and physiological pain and impacts that have a hold on you, and to remember and reconnect to your jewel, the true you.

The I Make a Difference process in all its formats will guide and resource you to develop your ability to self-facilitate your way through situations that arise in your life and processing that surfaces within you, as you clear the pathway so you reconnect with you – the real and true you.


"The IMAD process is something which will guide people throughout their lives and lead them, like me, to a place of deeper connection to who they are in all aspects of self, to a life which has greater fulfillment, peace, love, acceptance and beauty. In uncovering what we are to see we can discover the riches of what it means to be whole." - Barbara


Many times I am asked – “who are the people you are reaching out to with I Make a Difference?” And the branding and marketing people ask – “who is your target audience?” 

My reply does not fit a box, because humans do not come in or fit in boxes. 

My answer “Everyone”

No one is to be excluded or limited from experiencing I Make a Difference, because each one of us has within us conditioning we can unlearn and unravel, emotional, mental, energy and physical hurt we can heal, and more of our true self, our amazing qualities and potential to uncover and discover. 

You may be going through some emotionally impacting times, unsure how to deal with particular people and situations, experiencing patterns of situations you do not know how to change and or have behaviors and beliefs you want to change. There may be times you are down and do not know how to work your way through the darkness. As well as you may want to know and understand more about yourself, develop your confidence, know how to identify and work through emotions and have more powerful relationships.  You may be a parent who wants to understand how they are impacting their children and how they can do things differently. Or a leader who wants to know how to manage their own and others emotional processing. You may be searching for ways you can be more natural and true to you.

The I Make a Difference processes will support you to make a difference to you.

I am Melinda and you can call me Minz.

Being able to share with you what I love is so so precious to me – Individuals having the ability to be self reliant in journeying towards becoming who they truly are.

The I Make a Difference process provides structure and approaches to resource you to make this happen.

The I Make a Difference (IMAD) process and programme, came to life in 2000 and after years of this magical experience being shared with many people. Finally IMAD has arrived at the point of the adventure where, sharing the differences you can make to yourself is to be made accessible to more people.

IMAD is intended to support you to integrate practical and tangible processes and approaches into your being, that will enable you to make an actual and real difference to you and your life.

Danner Boots Sticking Out of a Window in the Desert


No matter what your age is, your gender, culture or background, life does not discriminate as to who will experience emotional, mental, physiological and energy craziness and mayhem. Processing that goes on inside of you that is confusing, overwhelming at times and can even leave you feeling quite desperate. This is the conditioned and hurt you. And you find yourself asking and even internally screaming "what is it that is happening to me?", "why am I experiencing this?" and "how do I stop the hurt?" and "how do I change the conditioning?
However there is also a jewel within you, a place that is filled with strength, gentleness, beauty, acceptance, simplicity, stillness and an abundance of love. This is you, the true you. You find you are curious and want to know who truly are, what is true and right for you, how to connect and listen to the answers you know you have inside of you and how to be you.