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Personal Processing One on One Process

The Personal Processing One On Ones are an opportunity for you to explore your emotional, mental, physiological, energy and all other processing you experience. You will develop your ability to self-facilitate how to unravel your conditioning, heal the impacts on your processing from your past, develop your trust of yourself, discover the answers within you and reclaim the true you.

Facilitation is an approach that is used in coaching, mentoring and training (to name a few). As a facilitator, I combine all the support roles when working with you, with facilitation as the key approach. My objective is to support you to be able facilitate your own processes and processing, so that you become self reliant.

You are:

  • Facilitated to develop your ability to unravel your conditioned mental, reactionary, behavioural and other types of processing.
  • Facilitated to identify, understand and heal the emotional impacts of your past and develop your ability to connect to and access your truth and what is true and right for you.
  • Provided with insights and feedback to deepen and broaden your awareness, understanding and ability to explore and work with what you are experiencing.
  • Provided with feedback and guidance on your implementation of the processes and tools you apply with yourself. 


  1. A series of three sessions or
  2. Three months or
  3. Six months

Further information will be shared during the free exploratory session


  • I shine a light on your processing, to support understanding of what you are experiencing, why and where it stems from.
  • I resource you with questions, tools, approaches, and feedback as to your processing, what is happening for you, the benefits of what you are experiencing, and what you have within you that you have to draw upon to assist you with what you are experiencing.
  • I facilitate you to identify what you are experiencing within yourself, your relationships and situations. This enables you to see the reality and truth of the situation, identify the benefits you can embrace from what you are experiencing and have clarity as to what steps you want to take.