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Personal Processing One on One Process

You will have experienced and potentially will experience, times in your life where you do not know what is happening to you in what you are experiencing internally. How you can manage it, get through it and what to do about what is going on for you.

This may happen at different stages of your life, in situations, relationships, interactions, experiences, processes, emotions, thoughts and feelings.

You will experience times in your life when you know there is more to you and you want to discover what that is and find out who you truly are.

Personal processing one on ones are how you can work through what you are experiencing. It is a one on one with me (Melinda) to work through your processing.

You may be: 

  • experiencing emotions you want to understand and work through
  • wanting to unravel conditioned behaviors and thought patterns 
  • wanting support to identify what you need work on in yourself to grow and develop
  • experiencing recurring patterns of situations that you do not now how to change
  • wanting to connect more to your true self and your knowing
  • wanting help but are not sure what is happening for you

Whether you are experiencing something you want to work through, or are taking a proactive step to know, understand and develop yourself, the one on one process will resource you with further insight into yourself, address areas you have identified and ones you haven’t and provide you with the tools for you to work with so you can  continue your process of development and evolvement.

Free Exploratory Session

You are invited to contact me to explore having a free exploratory session to ensure working with together is the right thing and so you can have any questions you have about the process, answered.

Some Of The Areas You May Want to Explore

Development of your:

  • Self-worth, valuing yourself and your deservedness
  • Self Awareness of your mental, emotional, energy, physiological, physical and spiritual processing
  • Self Care, self-nurturing and giving to yourself
  • Ability to respond rather than emotionally react
  • Ability to let go, trust yourself and trust the process of life
  • Ability to manage your energy, in terms of giving it away, being drained and being impacted by others 
  • Relationships and interactions within them – as a partner, parent, leader and employer 

Explore, manage and heal your:

  • Hurt, anger, rejection, abandonment, shame, guilt, loneliness and or grief
  • Self-doubt about your ability to do things
  • Emotional neediness, codependency and emotional attachment to people, objects, substances and behaviors
  • Vulnerability, fear, anxiety and the emotional need to be safe and secure

Understand and connect to your:

  • Truth, transparency and integrity
  • Natural qualities and attributes
  • True self, your soul and the voice of your soul